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Hi guys,

Apologize for the slow updates. Sammy has been very quiet lately, and I currently don’t have much to add. I’m trying to see if I can find a way to screencap the oldest movies that we are currently missing since the site was deleted. Hopefully I can get that sorted out and have a couple of updates for you.

Fingers crossed Samantha will be attending some events and returning to acting in the near future, but as of right now there are no news and it makes it difficult to update the site for that reason. πŸ™



Today on November 8th, the lovely Samantha Raye Droke turns 31 years old! πŸ˜„ We hope she has an awesome day, and we wish her the best of luck with any new and upcoming projects she may currently be working on. 😊

Sammy: You are truly amazing, and we admire you and your hard work SO very much. ❀️ Thanks for being you!

Lots of love from 😘


Just wanted to let you all know I updated the Interact pages today, and created new ones so you can vote for your favorite hairstyle, make-up look and outfit. I have more work to do, but figured it would be a good idea to get started now while updates are slow. View them all within the Interact page here, or click on the links below. πŸ˜€

01. Hairstyle
> Vote for your favorite hairstyle.

02. Make-Up
> Vote for your favorite make-up look.

03. Outfit
> Vote for your favorite outfit.


Just wanted to post a quick update to let you guys now I’m working on screen captures for the movies section. There isn’t much to post these days, except for Instagram pictures when Sammy wishes to share those. Hence why it’s a bit quiet atm. Thank you for your patience, though! Hopefully there will be some exciting news/projects going on for Samantha in 2019. πŸ˜€


Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know I’m working on trying to add some more screen captures to the Movies section after all the files were deleted. It’ll take me a while to go through them, so thank you for your patience in advance. πŸ˜€


Not a lot of new pictures these days, so I will do my best to get started on some more screen captures this week. School has started so I have been a bit busy with that. I apologize for the slow updates! πŸ™‚


Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know I’m traveling, and moving over the next few days. Updates will be a bit slow because of that, but everything will be back to normal on Thursday. I will try my best to get started a bit on some screen captures, and such that weekend. Thanks for your patience! πŸ˜€



Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know I have this weekend off from work, so I will try my best to upload some more screen captures that we are currently missing! πŸ˜€ Hopefully there will be some new pictures to add before that as well. Thanks for you patience!



Hey guys,

There aren’t that many new pictures atm. I will see if I can manage to start screen capping some of Sam’s movies instead. I will get through them all eventually, but I’ve had a very busy work schedule so far this summer. However, I will do my best to get started now when there is not much else to add. πŸ˜€ Thanks so much for your patience!



Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know that I’m finally home, so I will post an update for you tomorrow with the missing pictures from the past week. Thanks for your patience! πŸ˜€


Hi guys,

Currently in the middle of finals week so things have been a bit hectic, but I will post an update tomorrow. After that I will be busy moving, and going home for the summer, so I’ll try to squeeze in an update this weekend as well, but if it’s a bit quiet for about a week now you know why! Thanks for your patience. πŸ˜€